Basic problems for the registration of imported products, such as classification, price, process and time, etc., are introduced on our website, and you can find them easily.

Since the second half of last year, the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) has made a great adjustment to the application requirements of imported cosmetics. The adjustment has been close to the end since the beginning of this year. Therefore, we have begun to receive the approval of cosmetics in succession at the same time.

Since the adjustment, the difficulty of imported cosmetic registration has been greatly increased. If the customer wants to apply for registration by himself, it is almost impossible to pass at one time.

Recently, the China Food and Drug Administration has a stricter review in imported cosmetics and has a great change in requirements, causing that many agencies are unable to succeed in agency registration. Now we have mastered 200 key points and clearly understood all document formats. We are one of the earliest companies that have got the new approval this year.

And since the change, the China Food and Drug Administration has required a one-time success for registration. That is, the correct rate should be 100%. Even if the correct rate is 99%, the registration will be rejected, with no chance of modification, so you need to reapply the registration. We make a vivid metaphor that: the previous cosmetic registration requires the level of ordinary college, but now it requires the level of Tsinghua University or Peking University.

The China Food and Drug Administration promulgated a new policy on Apr. 1st , 2017, that is, enterprises with offices and registered addresses in Pudong New District, are allowed to apply for the registration of imported cosmetics to Shanghai Municipal Food and Drug Administration. The new policy has affected many companies that engage in the import of cosmetics, we are being entrusted to apply for the cosmetic registration in Shanghai. Our main advantage is that: the time of application for registration is faster than that of the China Food and Drug Administration, the registration has been changed to the record. The supervision is more stringent after registration, investors need to know these differences.

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